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We Help Brands
Achieve Greatness


We Create, Evolve & Grow Brands

We’re a branding agency in Honolulu, Hawaii comprised of an intrepid collective of strategists, designers, developers, and writers that create with passion.  Every day we generate remarkable ideas and build brand experiences for established and aspirational brands, across industries from retail and travel to luxury and beyond. We strategically connect brands with their audience, creating desire and memories which target the emotions responsible for human motivation.


Your Brand

Pixel-perfect layouts, impeccable typography, emotionally driven design—we are brand ambassadors, and we aim to create desire through impactful, dynamic visual brand expressions that work. Simply put, we make our clients look and feel good.

We help brands attract the right audience, build brand loyalty, and most importantly, make more money doing it.


Awards & Mentions

Received for our high levels of creativity, originality and overall design competence.

We Got This.

At THEORY, we are a team of thinkers and doers, artists and designers, brand strategists and trend-setters with a collective enthusiasm to help brands achieve greatness. We help to differentiate brands through innovation, creativity and execution.

Let’s Collaborate.

We are capable of handling any project, large or small. We have reimagined entire brands, re-envisioned brand logos and color palettes, developed brand strategies and implemented advertising campaign rollouts on a massive scale. We pride ourselves in design thinking, digging deep into analytics and user behaviors, and creating experiences your audience will remember.

Crafting Stories People Believe In.

We’re changing the way brands communicate with their followers.

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